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Optimus 2022 Skateboard (9 inch)

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Skateboard Setup
Wall Hangers

Introducing the newest, cleanest skateboard you can add to your collection today - The Optimus 2022 Skateboard.

Our board features a high-definition print of the deadliest design of 2022. Shred your way through bones, skulls, brains, and more on this premium skateboard. Our boards are 100% Canadian Maple - that's the best wood for a skateboard. Our design is then hand-applied in Denver, Colorado.

We make our decks entirely in North America, starting with 100% Canadian Maple wood and finished with a personal touch in America. The deck is exactly what you're looking for in a consistent skate - strong and durable, tons of pop, very light, and made to ride for years.

You can purchase a deck in three options: Deck only, complete, and complete with assembly.

Wall hangers are an extra $15. Assembly is $70.

7-Ply 100% Canadian Maple Deck with High Resolution graphic applied.
- Shape: 9 Inch Skateboard
- Size: 9 x 34 Inches
- Concave: medium

Completes include Jessup griptape, silver trucks, blank white wheels, Independent bearings, and standard hardware.

Wall hangers include two hangers for vertical or horizontal hanging, with screws and anchors.


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